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AirshipAeroAcoustics, Inc. has been providing turn-key, aircraft certification services since 1989.   We provide services for certification of new aircraft to type certificate standards or modified aircraft to supplemental type certificate standards.  Our experiences gained in certification programs, ranging from airships to 747's, complements the broad range of capabilities and technical expertise offered by our staff.  Our senior staff includes Federal Aviation Administration Designated Engineering Representatives (DER's) in the fields of acoustics and flight analysis.   We work closely with associate test pilot, structures, systems and propulsion DER's.

727Our facilities are located 30 minutes from the Federal Aviation Administration Northwest Mountain Region Offices.  As a result of our participation in over 250 certification programs, we have developed excellent working relationships with personnel at the FAA.  One of the most important functions performed by AeroAcoustics has been to act as the FAA certification focal point on behalf of our clients–essentially a client's remote office providing the capability for personal contact on a daily basis.

UH-1HFlight tests and ground tests can be staged from AeroAcoustics offices and facilities located in our hangars on Paine Field, Everett, WA. We provide state of the art aircraft flight test data acquisition systems.  We can also provide ground test data acquisition equipment as well as the specialized equipment required for aircraft noise measurements.  These systems provide capability for real time assessment of test parameters and when coupled with AeroAcoustics proprietary software, the acquired test data can be rapidly downloaded into document ready engineering plots and tables.  All of our systems are tightly integrated to facilitate rapid and accurate tests.

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