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We specialize in all aspects of aircraft acoustics; however, our focus is on the successful completion of FAR Part 36 and ICAO Annex 16 noise certification tests.   We have conducted over 150 noise certification programs for all classes of airplanes and rotorcraft.   Our staff members include FAA approved Designated Engineering Representatives (DER) for acoustics and flight analyst.  A brochure of our acoustics capabilities can be downloaded here...

  FAR Part 36 and ICAO Annex 16 Certification and Flyover Noise Tests for Small Aircraft to Large Transport Category Aircraft and Small to Large Helicopters

  State of the Art Acoustical, Meteorological and Aircraft Instrumentation for Fast Deployment and Testing.  Includes FAA Approved, Real Time Differential GPS (Video) for Assessment of Aircraft Space Position and Acoustics Instrumentation Integrated with Software for In Field Noise Metric Computations.

  Analytical Methods including Equivalencies and No Acoustic Change for Compliance with FAR Part 21.93(b)

  Impedance Tests and Flow Resistance Tests of Acoustical Material per ASTM 1050-90 and ASTM C522-87

  Static Noise Ground Test Conduct, Noise Component Modeling and Projection to Flight Conditions using FAA Approved Software

  Community Noise Surveys and Analysis including Test of Wind Turbines to International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Standards and FAR Part 150 Studies using FAA Integrated Noise Model (INM)

  FAR Part 36 Reference Performance Development and Approval by Flight Analyst DER

  Noise Suppression Hardware Technology Development including Gas Turbine Acoustical Linings and Jet Mixing Devices

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