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Aircraft Payload Extender Products for Cessna Aircraft

APE XL for 402C

Aircraft Payload Extender XL is approved by FAA STC SA01763SE for all versions of the Cessna 402C.   Contact AeroAcoustics Aircraft Systems for more information.


For heavier cargo, the APE XL greatly enhances the payload capability and operational flexibility of the 402C.  The improved performance results in the significant advantage of the APE XL for 402C operations as shown in the Payload vs. Range chart below.

Increased Payload.  With long-range flights, the APE XL increases the effective payload by over 250 lb.

Increased Range.  For example, with a 1900 lb payload, the APE XL increases the effective range by up to 300 NM.

Significant performance improvement can be obtained for a variety of operations.  Contact our Sales group for an analysis of your 206 operations.

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Do not use for aircraft performance determination.  Use Airplane Flight Manual.