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Aircraft Payload Extender Products for Cessna Aircraft

APE STOL for 208B

Aircraft Payload Extender STOL is approved by FAA STC SA01805SE for all Caravan 208B versions including Caravan EX.

For operations out of short fields the APE STOL greatly enhances the payload capability and operational flexibility of the Caravan.  The improved performance results in the significant advantage of the APE STOL for Caravan operations as shown in the WAT chart below (Weight-Altitude-Temperature). 

Increased Payload.  For the example airfield at 5000 ft elevation, the APE STOL increases payload by over 700 lb at the hot temperatures typical for many Caravan operations. 

Enhanced Operational Flexibility.  For any given takeoff weight, the APE STOL increases the limiting temperature by up to 30°C.

Similar results are obtained for operations at sea level and from unimproved runways.  Contact our Sales group for an analysis of your Caravan operations.

208b Click Image to Enlarge

Do not use for aircraft performance determination.  Use Airplane Flight Manual.