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Aircraft Payload Extender Products for Cessna Aircraft

APE STOL for 208B

APE STOL Trailing Edge Flap

APE STOL Trailing Edge Flap

Aircraft Payload Extender STOL is approved by FAA STC SA01805SE for all Caravan 208B versions including Caravan EX.   Contact AeroAcoustics Aircraft Systems for more information.

Reduce Takeoff and Landing Field Length Performance up to 20%.

Works in Conjunction with APE III to Increase Maximum Landing Weight to 9000 lb and Increase Maximum Takeoff Weight to 9062 lb

Increase Takeoff Weight up to 700 lb for High/Hot Operations. More...

Engineered for Easy Installation

STC Approved

Manufactured under FAA PMA

Over APE Installations Worldwide

The AeroAcoustics Aircraft Systems, Inc. Aircraft Payload Extender STOL provides takeoff and landing field length reductions up to 20%.  Certified performance is provided in an Airplane Flight Manual Supplement. Installation of the APE STOL provides operators with increased flexibility–particularly from short fields.

The APE STOL modification is a unique aerodynamic device attached to the trailing edge flaps.  The kit adds less than 1 lb to the aircraft empty weight and can easily be installed in several hours.  Operators can continue to fly the Caravan with the same procedures utilized before the APE STOL installation and operate at increased weights from short airfields.

The APE STOL works in conjunction with our previously certified APE III system and Cessna approved 29" tires.  The APE STOL equipped Caravans provide an increased maximum takeoff gross weight of 9062 lb for the 208B.  If not already installed on the aircraft, the APE III system and 29" tires will be included with the kit.

The advantage of the APE STOL is that you get the increased payload capability of the APE III (ie 9062 lb MTGW, 9000 lb MLW) but have performance that is better than the basic unmodified Caravan.  With the APE STOL installed, operations at hot and high conditions result in takeoff weights as much as 700 lb better than an unmodified Caravan.  More...