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Aircraft Payload Extender Products for Cessna Aircraft

APE II for 208B

Aircraft Payload Extender II is approved by FAA STC SA00392SE for all Caravan 208B versions including Caravan EX.   Contact AeroAcoustics Aircraft Systems for more information.

Increased Maximum Takeoff Weight to 9062 lb

Easy Installation Completed in < 2 hrs

STC Approved

Manufactured under FAA PMA

Over APE Installations Worldwide

The AeroAcoustics Aircraft Systems, Inc. Aircraft Payload Extender II (APE II) allows you to operate your Caravan at increased takeoff weights and extract maximum profitability from the best single engine utility aircraft flying.  The Caravan APE II can increase your payload capacity up to 15%.

By installing the APE II on your Caravan, the maximum takeoff gross weight of your aircraft is increased by up to 312 lb to 9062 lb on the 208B.

The APE II modification is a small aerodynamic device consisting of two 16" long stall fences/strakes attached to the wing leading edge just outboard of the landing light.

The total installed weight of the kit is less than 3 lb and it can literally be installed in the amount of time it takes you to refuel your aircraft and eat lunch.

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